SISXIND406A Manage projects

This unit, SISXIND406A Manage projects, describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to scope, implement, monitor and evaluate project-management plans and outcomes in specific activity areas, ensuring all resources are available to achieve project goals and that the project complies with legislative and organisational requirements.

This unit applies to those working autonomously and within supervisory roles in a sport, recreation or fitness environment. This includes those in leadership and guidance roles, such as competition managers, program developers, operations managers and adventure guides. These roles may be performed in a range of sport and recreation environments, such as leisure centres, training venues, indoor activity centres or as part of outdoor recreation activities.

Elements and Performance Criteria:

1. Scope project.
1.1. Determine project scope and objectives in consultation with appropriate colleagues and clients.
1.2. Determine required resources for the project in consultation with colleagues and clients.
1.3. Assess areas for potential over-run and resource complications.
1.4. Determine contract requirements of the project as required.
1.5. Determine administrative requirements of the project according to organisational policies and procedures.

2. Develop a project management plan.
2.1. Formulate project budget
2.2. Negotiate and document roles and responsibilities of project personnel.
2.3. Identify and document key project milestones and quality measures for the project.
2.4. Plan project risk management and communication strategies in conjunction with appropriate colleagues.
2.5. Develop evaluation methods suitable to the project in consultation with colleagues.
2.6. Determine and assess technical specifications for the project.
2.7. Distribute project-management plan for review by personnel involved in or influenced by the project.

3. Administer and monitor project.
3.1. Coordinate agreements with project personnel according to project-management plan and relevant legislation.
3.2. Coordinate project communication processes to meet the needs of clients and service providers.
3.3. Assess and review progress of project against project goals in consultation with project team members and provide reports on progress.
3.4. Identify deviations from project plan and take actions to recover or modify original project goals.
3.5. Assess the need for additional resources and personnel and take action as required.
3.6. Implement and monitor financial control systems according to project guidelines.
3.7. Finalise the project within agreed timelines.

4. Evaluate project.
4.1. Provide project documentation according to reporting requirements.
4.2. Evaluate relevant components of the project according to quality measures in consultation with project personnel and clients.
4.3. Incorporate results of evaluation into future project development and planning.
4.4. Review own performance in managing the project and identify potential improvements.

Materials include:

  • Assessor Guide / Benchmarks (40 pages);
  • Learners Assessment Workbook (31 pages);
  • Powerpoint Slides (122); and,
  • Assessment Matrix

Price:  AUD $360.00 + GST

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