Protect children and young people (Release 1)

This unit, SISFFIT010 – Protect children and young people, covers how to protect the safety of children and young people engaged in community based activities. This unit applies to individuals working with children and young people in community based roles.

The elements and performance criteria include:

  1. Work with children and young people.
    1.1. Source and interpret industry and regulatory information to identify community child safety requirements.
    1.2. Comply with child safety requirements relevant to own job role and according to organisational policies and procedures.
    1.3. Practice and promote child safe behaviours in the community.
    1.4. Promote and uphold the rights of children and young people in the community.
  2. Manage child safety risks.
    2.1. Consult with children, young people and other stakeholders to identify and assess child safety risks.
    2.2. Identify and implement child safety risk controls.
    2.3. Monitor child safety risks and adjust child safety risk controls to minimise and eliminate child safety risks.
  3. Respond to child safety incidents.
    3.1. Monitor work practices and indicators of abuse to identify child safety incidents.
    3.2. Address child safety incidents within scope of own job role.
    3.3. Identify and access child safety services and resources to support child safety incident response.
    3.4. Report and escalate child safety incidents according to organisational policies and procedures.
  4. Reflect on child safety practices.
    4.1. Seek feedback from others to identify areas to improve own child safety practices.
    4.2. Reflect on own child safety practices to identify areas for improvement.
    4.3. Analyse findings and incorporate learnings in future child safety practices.
    4.4. Seek opportunities to address identified professional development needs.

Purchase the materials:

  • Supplementary Notes;
  • Powerpoint Slides;
  • Learner’s Assessment Workbook;
  • Assessor Guide / Benchmarks;
  • RPL Kit (Assessor and Participant);
  • Third Party Report; and,
  • Assessment Matrix.

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