Respond to interpersonal conflict

community coachThis unit of competency, SISXIND009 Respond to interpersonal conflict, covers the skills and knowledge required to identify and respond to interpersonal conflict situations in the workplace. This unit of competency applies to individuals working in a diverse range of industries where they are responsible for dealing with interpersonal conflict. This includes, but is not limited to, coaches and officials working in the Australian sport industry.

The elements and performance criteria include:

1. Prevent interpersonal conflict situations.
1.1. Establish and maintain positive working relationships with others to minimise risk of conflict situations.
1.2. Recognise and monitor interpersonal conflict triggers to identify interpersonal conflict risks.
1.3.Assess interpersonal conflict risks and implement risk control strategies to prevent interpersonal conflict situations.

2. Respond to interpersonal conflict situations.
2.1. Monitor interpersonal interactions to identify interpersonal conflict situations.
2.2. Recognise and report interpersonal conflict situations outside scope of responsibility.
2.3.Assess interpersonal conflict situations within scope of responsibility to identify and select interpersonal conflict resolution strategies.
2.4.. Implement interpersonal conflict resolution strategies to defuse and resolve interpersonal conflict situations.

3. Reflect on interpersonal conflict resolution, prevention and response.
3.1. Seek feedback from others to identify areas to improve own interpersonal interactions and interpersonal conflict response.
3.2. Reflect on own interpersonal interactions and interpersonal conflict response to identify areas for improvement.
3.3. Analyse findings and incorporate learnings in future interpersonal interactions and interpersonal conflict response.
3.4.Apply cultural awareness, sensitivity and discretion to communications to suit individual differences.

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