Coordinate work teams or groups

work team or groupsThis unit of competency, SISXIND005 Coordinate work teams or groups, describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to coordinate work teams or groups in a sport, fitness or recreation environment. It requires the ability to organise and monitor staffing levels, inform team or group members of expected standards of work, motivate teams and maintain staffing records. Group or team members may be paid employees or volunteers.

The elements and performance criteria include:

1. Determine staff levels and expectations.
1.1. 1.1 Set staffing levels within budget to maximise operational and customer service efficiency.
1.2. Roster teams or groups to meet anticipated demand and statutory requirements.
1.3 Induct new team or group members.
1.4 Inform team or group members of rosters within designated timeframes.
1.5 Monitor and adjust staffing levels in response to organisational requirements.
1.6 Communicate expected standards of work and clarify workplace rights and obligations.
1.7 Encourage individuals to contribute to discussion and planning of team or group objectives and goals.

2. Coordinate work team or group.
2.1. Allocate tasks and responsibilities using appropriate communication techniques.
2.2. Ensure team or group members are familiar with specific or required procedures.
2.3. Develop contingency plans to cope with unexpected situations and implement as required.
2.4. Maintain accurate and current records of staffing.

3. Monitor team or group performance.
3.1. Review and update objectives and goals regularly in consultation with relevant personnel.
3.2. Evaluate performance against allocated responsibilities and performance standards.
3.3. Counsel team or group members, as required, and record outcomes.

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