Analyse participation patterns

This unit of competency, SISXIND004 Analyse participation patterns, describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to analyse current participation patterns in sport, fitness or recreation activities. The unit requires the ability to review and evaluate market penetration and identify potential directions for future marketing in order to increase participation levels.

This unit applies to personal trainers in the sport, fitness or recreation industry as well as operations managers and program managers planning, implementing and evaluating programs and activities across a range of activity areas.

Work is undertaken independently and according to relevant legislation and organisational policies and procedures.

The elements and performance criteria include:

1. Interpret the market.
1.1 Identify market segments for current industry service delivery.
1.2 Identify and analyse participant attributes common to specific market segments for current industry service delivery.
1.3 Access and interpret statistical analysis of market research.

2. Assess participation levels and patterns.
2.1 Identify major features of current industry service delivery.
2.2 Identify and assess potential impact of internal and external influences on participation levels and patterns.
2.3 Evaluate the scope for possible expansion of participation within specific market segments.

3. Report on participation levels and patterns.
3.1 Present outcomes of analysis to relevant personnel within the required timeframe.
3.2 Recommend expansion opportunities relevant to organisation.
3.3 Document outcomes and opportunities.

Purchase the materials:

  • Assessor Guide / Benchmarks (26 pages);
  • Learner’s Assessment Workbook (18 pages);
  • Supplementary Notes (18 pages);
  • Powerpoint Slides (58);
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Kit (Assessor and Participant);
  • Third Party Report; and,
  • Assessment Matrix.

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