Process financial transactions (Release 1)

This unit, SISXFIN002 Process financial transactions, covers what is required to accept and process cash and other payments for products and services, and to reconcile takings at the end of the service period or day. This unit applies to individuals who work in customer contact roles such as activity assistants or customer service assistants in locations such as community recreation centres, indoor recreation facilities, sporting complexes, fitness venues, and leisure and aquatic centres.

The elements and performance criteria include:

  1. Process customer payments.
    1.1 Receive, check and record cash float.
    1.2 Check customer payments against sale value.
    1.3 Provide correct change for cash payments.
    1.4 Process and record transactions according to organisational procedures.
    1.5 Prepare and issue accurate receipts including all relevant tax details.
    1.6 Complete transactions using appropriate software applications in line with organisational speed and customer service requirements.
  2. Reconcile takings.
    2.1 Balance customer payments at the designated time according to organisational policy.
    2.2 Separate cash floats from takings prior to balancing.
    2.3 Determine point-of-sale records of customer payments.
    2.4 Accurately count and calculate customer payments.
    2.5 Balance cash and other payments with point-of-sale records.
    2.6 Investigate or report discrepancies in the reconciliation.
    2.7 Record takings according to organisational procedures.
    2.8 Transport and secure cash floats, cash and other payments according to organisational security procedures.

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