Maintain sport, fitness and recreation facilities

This unit of competency, SISXFAC002 Maintain sport fitness and recreation facilities, describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to maintain facilities within a sport, fitness and recreation context.  This unit applies to activity or administration assistants who work under direct supervision in a range of roles and settings in the sport, fitness and recreation industry. This includes providing support in the provision of grounds and facilities maintenance; routine housekeeping; or administrative assistance in locations such as fitness centres, aquatic centres, or outdoor sporting grounds or complexes. Work is performed according to relevant legislation and organisation policies and procedures.

The Elements and Performance Criteria include:

1. Conduct maintenance checks of facilities or areas.
1.1 Identify potential hazards in facility or area by conducting regular facility checks.
1.2 Report hazards to supervisor.
1.3 Maintain areas and amenities.
1.4 Store and handle chemicals safely.
1.5 Remove and dispose of wastes and dangerous chemicals promptly.

2. Check supplies.
2.1 Check supplies regularly for quantity, quality and expiry date.
2.2 Order or request supplies as required to meet anticipated demand.
2.3 Dispose of expired supplies.

3. Clean facility areas.
3.1 Locate and wear personal protective clothing.
3.2 Conduct cleaning tasks at specified times.
3.3 Display notices advising clients of cleaning in progress.
3.4 Use cleaning agents safely.
3.5 Clean and store cleaning equipment.
3.6 Identify and catalogue lost property.
3.7 Maintain cleaning records.
3.8 Lock storage areas when unattended.

4. Contribute to facility or activity administration.
4.1 Accept and record bookings for the facility.
4.2 Inform clients of the requirements and responsibilities of using the facility.

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