Respond to emergency responses (Release 1)

This unit of competency, SISXEMR001 Respond to emergency responses, describes what is required to recognise and respond appropriately in emergency situations, such as those caused by fire, accident or weather. It requires the ability to maintain participant welfare when responding to emergency situations.

The elements and performance criteria include:

  1. Apply workplace emergency procedures.
    1.1 Source and interpret relevant organisational policies and procedures.
    1.2 Recognise emergency and potential emergency situations.
    1.3 Identify personnel responsible for the appropriate area.
    1.4 Identify location and use of emergency equipment as required.
    1.5 Identify exits and assembly points.
  2. Respond to an emergency situation.
    2.1 Report workplace emergency situations to appropriate personnel as required.
    2.2 Use communication systems during emergency situation.
    2.3 Follow instructions from appropriate personnel during the emergency.
    2.4 Select and use emergency equipment as required.
  3. Coordinate and monitor participant response.
    3.1 Convey emergency instructions to participants in the activity.
    3.2 Implement strategies for group control.
    3.3 Remove participants and other individuals from danger.
    3.4 Monitor the condition and location of participants.
    3.5 Provide information on developments to participants.

Purchase the materials: 

  • Assessor Guide / Benchmarks;
  • Learner’s Assessment Workbook;
  • Powerpoint Slides;
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Kit (Assessor and Participant);
  • Third Party Report; and,
  • Assessment Matrix.

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