sports peopleDetermine needs of client populations

This unit of competency, SISXCCS403A Determine needs of client populations, describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to gather, analyse and interpret data to plan and evaluate client service relationships and develop methods of improvement.

This unit applies to those working autonomously and within supervisory roles in a sport, recreation or fitness environment. It applies to personnel who are responsible for planning and conducting coaching and talent development programs for athletes in a sport-specific training or competition setting. This may include schools and local sporting clubs; those managing high-performance individual or team athletes, such as sports trainers; and those planning, implementing and evaluating outdoor recreation programs and activities across a range of activity areas, such as operations managers and outdoor adventure guides. This unit may also apply to program developers and managers who are responsible for identifying and developing community recreation activities, managing competitions in a range of sporting organisations, and managing sports venues and facilities. This unit may also apply to fitness venue managers and personal trainers.

The elements and performance criteria include:

1. Analyse needs of client populations.
1.1. Identify client populations for relevant service area.
1.2. Source information on client populations through formal and informal channels, according to relevant legislation and organisation policies and procedures.
1.3. Analyse and interpret information to identify and assess client needs, expectations and satisfaction levels with current service delivery.
1.4. Identify issues in the immediate environment that may impact on the ability to address client population needs.
1.5. Identify and analyse competitive service delivery and scope industry best practice.

2. Plan and develop client services.
2.1. Assess current service provision according to identified client population needs and industry best practice, and identify gaps.
2.2. Develop a plan to meet client needs and deliver improved client services.
2.3. Select strategies to implement service-delivery plan in consultation with appropriate personnel.
2.4. Competitive comparisons are analysed and evaluated as input into planning process.
2.5. Modify specific aspects of product or service delivery to meet changing client service requirements, according to organisational capability, including policies and procedures, budgetary framework and legislative requirements.

3. Evaluate client service provision.
3.1. Seek feedback from clients on level of satisfaction with service provision.
3.2. Review service delivery according to organisational policies and procedures and how organisation compares with competition and best practice.
3.3. Make recommendations for further improvements to service delivery based on review and client feedback.
3.4. Implement appropriate initiatives to improve service delivery in consultation with appropriate personnel.

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