Plan conduct and review training and recovery programs

This unit, SISXCAI008 Plan, conduct, and review training and recovery programs, describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to apply sport-specific knowledge to implement a training program designed to refine the skills and performance of individuals participating in physical activities at a high performance level.

Elements and Performance Criteria

1. Assess participant ability to meet the demands of high level performance.
1.1. Identify requirements of high level performance for participant physical activity.
1.2. Use approved assessment methods appropriate to demands of participation in the physical activity to assess participant fitness and skill levels.
1.3. Measure, record and evaluate data obtained from assessment activities against current identified demands of participation.
1.4. Establish high performance participant aims and priorities for the training program.
1.5. Establish agreed program needs and objectives.

2. Plan a training program to meet participant requirements.
2.1. Investigate current national and international trends and innovations in high performance training program design.
2.2. Implement principles of high performance training program design to meet identified needs of participant and high performance objectives of the physical activity.
2.3. Consider competition requirements and align competition opportunities within training program.
2.4. Incorporate cross-training opportunities where appropriate to meet program objectives.
2.5. Incorporate principles of recovery into training program design.
2.6. Identify and select equipment and resource requirements for each stage of the program.
2.7. Include evaluation methods to monitor training program.
2.8. Schedule and document training program according to organisational policies and procedures.

3. Implement the training program.
3.1. Explain and demonstrate safe performance of exercises and activities.
3.2. Explain and demonstrate safe use of equipment according to manufacturer instructions.
3.3. Use motivation techniques to enhance participant performance.

4. Monitor and adjust the training program.
4.1. Monitor and modify participant progress in consultation with support staff.
4.2. Identify errors, potential problems and areas for improvement in performance and communicate these to participant.
4.3. Monitor skill performance, physical performance and participant wellbeing throughout training program and adapt methods and instructional styles to maximise outcomes.
4.4. Adjust sessions and training program according to results of monitoring.
4.5. Provide feedback to participants to improve performance.
4.6. Evaluate training program according to methods outlined in plan and in consultation with participant and support staff.
4.7. Identify symptoms of negative adaptation and refer participants with symptoms of negative adaptation to relevant support staff.

5. Manage competitive and performance events during the program.
5.1. Address relevant competitive and performance strategies, tactics and support needs.
5.2. Continually monitor participant condition throughout competition events to determine factors that affect performance.
5.3. Implement changes according to results of monitoring.

Materials include:

  • Assessor Guide / Benchmarks (65 pages);
  • Learners Assessment Workbook (56 pages);
  • Powerpoint Slides (250);
  • RPL documents (Assessor and Participant); and,
  • Assessment Matrix.

Price: AUD $690.00+ GST


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