Plan and conduct programs

This unit of competency, SISXCAI004 Plan and conduct programs, describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to plan and conduct a range of non-instructional programs in a variety of contexts for diverse needs and situations. This unit applies to individuals who work autonomously in a range of roles and settings in the sport, fitness or recreation industries. This includes program staff working in after-school or holiday-care programs, those assisting with coaching activities, or undertaking a support role in fitness activities, indoor and outdoor recreation activities such as camps and other guided activities.

The elements and performance criteria include:

1. Identify participant needs and expectations.
1.1 Clarify participant preferences, needs and expectations.
1.2 Identify special requirements according to participant needs.
1.3 Advise participants of any reasons why they should not participate in the program.
1.4 Conduct a risk analysis for program.
1.5 Establish criteria for referral for external assistance.
1.6 Recommend participants seek external assistance as required.
1.7 Document and update consultation records.

2. Plan the program.
2.1 Identify and access sources of information required to plan a program of sessions.
2.2 Establish size, scope and goals of program and included sessions.
2.3 Identify staff, equipment and resources appropriate for the program.
2.4 Design and document a program plan to meet identified participant needs and abilities.
2.5 Seek agreement for program plan from staff, participants and organisations as required.

3. Prepare for the program.
3.1 Obtain budget allocation from responsible person(s).
3.2 Confirm adherence to budget constraints.
3.3 Identify and confirm availability of appropriate resources and personnel.
3.4 Prepare documentation and templates for conducting, reporting and evaluating sessions.
3.5 Organise purchase or hire of equipment with responsible person, as required.
3.6 Organise completion of enrolment and documentation processes by participants.

4. Conduct the program.
4.1 Communicate instructions and relevant information to participants in a suitable manner.
4.2 Observe and assess participant progress against program aims and modify program as required.
4.3 Monitor program participation and safety and implement appropriate strategies.
4.4 Seek feedback from participants regarding progress during program and modify as required.
4.5 Monitor venue, resources and equipment to ensure continued availability.

5. Conclude and evaluate the program.
5.1 Finalise program completion as required.
5.2 Inform participants of follow-up programs.
5.3 Seek and acknowledge feedback from participants and relevant stakeholders.
5.4 Evaluate program components and identify potential areas of improvement.
5.5 Review own performance and identify potential improvements.
5.6 Document and update records of program and evaluation.

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  • Third Party Report; and,
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