Conduct non-instructional sport, fitness or recreation sessions (R1)

sport activity pole walkingThis unit of competency, SISXCAI003 Conduct non-instructional sport, fitness or recreation sessions, describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to plan and conduct non-instructional sport, fitness or recreation sessions. It requires the ability to develop session plans, resource sessions, ensure the welfare and satisfaction of participants, and develop and maintain group cooperation and interaction.

The elements and performance criteria include:

1. Identify participant needs and expectation
1.1. Clarify participant preferences, needs and expectations.
1.2. Conduct assessments to determine condition of participants, in consultation with relevant support personnel, as required.
1.3. Assess likely session demands on participants.
1.4. Advise participants of any reasons why they should not participate in the session.
1.5. Recommend participants seek external assistance as required.
1.6. Identify group cohesion strategies as required

2. Develop a session.
2.1. Identify and access relevant information required to plan a session.
2.2. Identify staff, equipment and resources appropriate for the session.
2.3. Design and document a session plan within available resources.
2.4. Identify external factors which may disrupt or influence session delivery, value and outcome.
2.5. Confirm session plan meets requirements for acceptable levels of supervision.
2.6. Seek agreement for session plan from staff, participants and organisations as required.

3. Prepare for the session.
3.1. Identify and organise appropriate venue to meet session requirements.
3.2. Select and confirm availability of appropriate equipment.
3.3. Confirm availability of resources with appropriate staff, support personnel, organisations and participants.
3.4. Organise and brief support personnel according.
3.5. Check equipment for damage or deterioration and report to responsible person, as required.
3.6. Issue or set up equipment as required, and provide assistance with fitting where necessary.
3.7. Modify or condition equipment for use by different participant groups.

4. Conduct the session.
4.1. Communicate instructions and relevant information to participants in a suitable manner.
4.2. Explain and demonstrate techniques, activities and safe use of equipment.
4.3. Provide positive feedback and motivational strategies to enhance participation and performance.
4.4. Observe and assess participant progress against objectives and modify session as required.
4.5. Monitor participation and safety and implement appropriate strategies.
4.6. Demonstrate warm-up and cool-down techniques and assist participants.
4.7. Check condition of equipment, complete minor repair and report as required.
4.8. Leave venue in a condition suitable for future use.

5. Evaluate the session.
5.1. Seek and acknowledge feedback from participants and other staff.
5.2 Evaluate session components and identify potential areas of improvement.
5.3. Review own performance and identify potential improvements.
5.4. Document and update records of session and evaluation.

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