Plan and deliver coaching programs

sport-coaching-girlsThis unit, SISSSCO303 Plan and deliver coaching programs, describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to develop and deliver sports coaching programs. The unit focuses on the application of planning and organisational skills to determine developmental activities and delivery methods according to sports participants needs.

This unit applies to those conducting coaching activities in a variety of sport contexts including schools and clubs.

Elements and Performance Criteria:

1. Establish coaching program requirements.
1.1 Clarify needs and expectations of participants.
1.2 Identify special requirements according to participant needs, including characteristics of junior participants.
1.3 Assess readiness of participants and confirm appropriate developmental goals.
1.4 Identify and assess constraints and risks associated with designing learning programs for participants according to relevant legislation and organisational policies and procedures.
1.5 Determine resources required for delivering the coaching program.
1.6 Select delivery methods to suit group or individual learning needs and participant characteristics.

2. Develop a coaching program.
2.1 Design a coaching program that reflects participant characteristics, provides appropriate sequencing of skill acquisition and is inclusive of all participants.
2.2 Document coaching programs in appropriate detail and required formats.
2.3 Seek agreement on program plan from senior coaches where required.
2.4 Confirm availability of appropriate resources and equipment with senior coaches where required.

3. Deliver the program.
3.1 Communicate instructions and relevant information in a manner suitable to participants.
3.2 Analyse individual participant and group progress against program goals and apply appropriate strategies to address performance issues.
3.3 Devise skill development progression and regression activities according to needs of individuals and groups.
3.4 Seek feedback from participants regarding their progress during the program and modify as required.
3.5 Identify risks to participant safety and take action to minimise risk.
3.6 Monitor venue, environment and equipment for availability, damage or deterioration and modify program as required.

4. Facilitate individual and group learning.
4.1 Establish a coaching facilitation relationship with group using appropriate communication and interpersonal skills.
4.2 Initiate relationships with and between learners to foster a positive learning environment.
4.3 Facilitate group dynamics to maintain engagement of all participants and ensure individual and group enjoyment.
4.4 Recognise and manage inappropriate behaviour to maintain effective learning environment according to relevant legislation and organisational policies and procedures.

5. Identify and implement strategies to improve coaching.
5.1 Seek feedback on quality of coaching, and areas for improvement.
5.2 Evaluate personal experience and feedback from others to identify opportunities for improvement.
5.3 Research current and emerging trends in coaching.
5.4 Revise coaching program to incorporate improvements.

Materials include:

  • Assessor Guide / Benchmarks (39 pages);
  • Learners Assessment Workbook (26 pages);
  • Powerpoint Slides (61); and,
  • Assessment Matrix

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