Apply sport psychology principles


This unit of competency, SISSSCO007 Apply sport psychology principles, describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to assist participants to develop basic psychological skills to optimise sporting performance in sport-specific training and competition settings.

The elements and performance criteria include:

1. Maintain knowledge of sport psychology.
1.1 Source and interpret applied sport psychology information related to sport performance.
1.2 Apply sport psychology principles relevant to own role to own practice.
1.3 Select support staff and resources to assist with the development of sport-specific psychological skills.

2. Provide sport psychology information to participants.
2.1 Identify sport psychology principles relevant to participants and assess participant sport psychology information appropriate to individual participant needs.
2.2 Present sport psychology information to participants in a format using learning activities and experiences appropriate to individual participant needs.
2.3 Check and clarify participant understanding of sport psychology information.
2.4 Encourage participants to access sport psychology resources appropriate to individual needs.

3. Assist participants to develop psychological skills.
3.1 Monitor participants to identify basic psychological skills needs.
3.2 Develop basic psychological skills to meet participant needs in consultation with participants.
3.3 Assist participants to implement basic psychological skills during competition performance.

4. Evaluate psychological skills.
4.1 Analyse participant competition performance against expected competition outcomes.
4.2 Evaluate participant psychological skills during competition performance in consultation with participant.
4.3 Identify ongoing psychological skill development needs to assist participant to improve performance.

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