Continuously improve coaching skills and knowledge

coaching skills and knowledge SISSSCO005This unit of competency, SISSSCO005 Continuously improve coaching skills and knowledge, describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to meet the behaviours and standards expected of a coach, and self-evaluate to continuously improve coaching practice and performance. It includes interpreting sport industry information and developing a required knowledge base to support coaching practice and performance.

The elements and performance criteria include:

1. Apply coaching professional standards.
1.1. Source and interpret sport-specific code of conduct and coach requirements to maintain knowledge of professional standards expected of a coach.
1.2. Model professional standards expected of a coach.
1.3. Evaluate own coaching practice to confirm professional standards are met.

2. Apply inclusive coaching practices.
2.1. Source and interpret sport and sport-specific industry information to maintain knowledge of best practice inclusive coaching.
2.2. Coach to create inclusive sport participation environments and meet individual participant needs.
2.3.Evaluate own coaching practice to confirm inclusive coaching principles are applied.

3. Use technology for coaching.
3.1. Source and interpret information on current and emerging technologies relevant to community sport coaching.
3.2. Evaluate, select and use technology in coaching practice.
3.3. Evaluate own selection and use of technology to identify and address opportunities to improve own use of technology.

4. Improve coaching performances.
4.1. Observe and work with other coaches to identify contemporary coaching practices.
4.2. Seek feedback from others to gather information about own coaching practice.
4.3. Reflect on and evaluate own coaching practice to identify self improvement needs.
4.4. Participate in opportunities to address self improvement needs and update professional knowledge.
4.5. Adjust own coaching practice to improve coaching performance.
4.6. Document professional development activities and share learnings with colleagues according to organisational policies and procedures.

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