Meet participant coaching needs

community coachThis unit of competency, SISSSCO003 Meet participant coaching needs, describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to adapt coaching practices in a specific sport to meet individual participant needs from a diverse range of population groups

The elements and performance criteria include:

1. Identify individual participant coaching needs.
1.1. Use questioning to identify and confirm individual participant needs, expectations and preferences.
1.2. Apply principles of classification to determine disability class for participants with a disability.
Assess participant functional ability and developmental readiness to acquire and perform sport-specific skills.
1.4. Review individual participant needs to identify potential inclusion barriers and coaching risks.

2. Conduct coaching to meet individual participant needs.
2.1. Customise session plans to address potential inclusion barriers and mitigate coaching risks.
2.2. Select and adapt equipment, coaching practice and communication styles to meet participant needs.
2.3. Maintain professional boundaries with participants according to organisational policies and procedures.
2.4. Monitor participation engagement, performance and safety risks and adjust coaching practices to maximise inclusion and training outcomes.

3. Evaluate inclusive coaching practices.
3.1. Monitor sessions to identify opportunities for increasing inclusion and improving training outcomes.
3.2. Seek feedback from others to identify areas to improve own coaching practice.
3.3. Reflect on own coaching practice to identify areas for improvement.
3.4. Recognise own limitations in supporting inclusion and seek advice to address.

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