Prepare and present athlete sponsorship proposals

This unit of competency, SISSPAR006 Prepare and present athlete sponsorship proposals, describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to develop sponsorship proposals for athletes. It focuses on preparing and presenting sponsorship proposals to potential sponsors. This unit applies to athletes, sport developers and sport administrators in the Australian sport industry.

The elements and performance criteria include:

1. Research potential sponsors.
1.1. Set sponsorship objectives to complement sport-specific needs of athletes.
1.2. Research and interpret industry information to identify potential sponsors aligned to sponsorship objectives.
1.3. Research and analyse sponsorship criteria to assess athlete eligibility.
1.4. Use written and verbal communication to approach potential sponsors and establish and build rapport.

2. Develop sponsorship proposals.
2.1. Research potential sponsors to identify sponsor requirements and sponsorship history.
2.2. Plan, develop and document sponsorship proposal content to meet sponsorship objectives and meet sponsor requirements.
2.3. Identify and consult with sources of support in the development and documentation of sponsorship proposals.
2.4. Submit sponsorship proposals according to sponsor requirements.

3. Present sponsorship proposals to potential sponsors.
3.1. Organise and confirm meeting arrangements with potential sponsors.
3.2. Prepare sponsorship proposal presentations for sponsor meetings.
3.3. Present sponsorship proposal presentations to potential sponsors.
3.4. Seek and respond to feedback arising from sponsorship proposal presentations.

Purchase the materials:

  • Assessor Guide / Benchmarks (25 pages);
  • Learner’s Assessment Workbook (24 pages);
  • Supplementary Notes (13 pages);
  • Powerpoint Slides (59);
  • RPL Kit (Assessor and Participant); and,
  • Assessment Matrix.

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