Develop athlete personal brand

brand pictureThis unit of competency, SISSPAR005 Develop athlete personal brand, describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to build an athlete’s personal brand. It includes managing the personal brand, using social media, cyber security and leveraging the personal brand.

The elements and performance criteria include:

1. Establish athlete personal brand.
1.1. Research personal brands in sport to maintain knowledge of successful personal branding objectives and strategies.
1.2. Interpret athlete contracts to identify personal branding obligations and restrictions.
1.3. Reflect on personal and professional goals to define personal brand.

2. Develop athlete personal branding strategies.
2.1. Interpret sport-specific industry information to identify and define personal brand target audiences.
2.2. Identify opportunities to maximise personal brand exposure through media activity.
2.3.Develop personal branding strategies to promote personal brand to target audiences.

3. Promote athlete personal brand.
3.1. Implement personal branding strategies to promote personal brand to target audience.
3.2. Participate in media interviews according to organisational policies and procedures.
3.3. Develop and implement social media action plans according to organisational policies and procedures.
3.4. Monitor implementation of personal branding strategies to identify areas for improvement
3.5. Adjust personal branding strategies to maximise personal brand outcomes.
3.6. Identify personal brand risks and take action to minimise personal brand damage.
3.7. Identify and act on opportunities to leverage personal brand for professional and personal gain.

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