Educate user groups (Release 1)

This unit, SISXRES002 Educate user groups, describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to identify and address issues in the use of facilities and activity resources. It requires the ability to develop resources or education for target user groups.

The elements and performance criteria include:

  1. Develop educational strategies.
    1.1 Identify specific issues relating to the use of facilities and activity resources by user groups.
    1.2 Suggest alternative strategies to address issues in consultation with staff, as appropriate.
    1.3 Develop educational programs and/or resources to address issues.
    1.4 Contribute to the production of educational material.
    1.5 Assess and select strategies for presenting educational programs.
  2. Plan and conduct educational programs.
    2.1 Plan educational programs according to the needs of the target user group.
    2.2 Identify and organise required equipment and other resources.
    2.3 Liaise with user groups to promote educational programs and/or resources.
    2.4 Implement programs and resources to user groups.
  3. Evaluate programs.
    3.1 Seek and acknowledge feedback from user groups on effectiveness of programs.
    3.2 Analyse feedback from user groups.
    3.3 Evaluate components of program and/or resources according to evaluation criteria, and record outcomes.
    3.4 Make recommendations for future improvement.
    3.5 Review own performance and identify potential improvements.
    3.6 Record, update and file documentation, schedules and costings.

Purchase the materials:

Powerpoint Slides;
Assessor Guide with Benchmarks;
Learner’s Assessment Workbook;
Supplementary Notes;
RPL Kit (Assessor and Participants);
Third Party Observation; and,
Assessment Matrix.

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