Diploma of Sport and Recreation Management

This qualification, Diploma of Sport and Recreation Management SIS50115, reflects the role of individuals who work in the sport and recreation industry in a management or organisational capacity. These individuals have a high degree of autonomy and manage the effective provision of services or programs in locations such as fitness centres, sporting grounds or complexes, leisure and aquatic centres and community recreation centres.

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AHCBUS506A Develop and review a business plan
BSBFIM601 Manage finances
BSBHRM405 Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff
BSBLDR502 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
BSBMGT517 Manage operational plan
BSBMKG523 Design and develop an integrated marketing communication plan
BSBPMG522 Undertake project work
BSBRSK501 Manage risk
HLTWHS004 Manage work health and safety
SISXCCS002 Coordinate client service activities
SISXIND003 Maintain legal knowledge for organisation governance
SISXIND007 Develop and implement participation strategies
SISXMGT001 Develop and maintain stakeholder relationships

General Electives

BSBADM502 Manage meetings
BSBADM503 Plan and manage conferences
BSBADM504 Plan and implement administrative systems
BSBADM506 Manage business document design and development
BSBFIM501 Manage budgets and financial plans
BSBFIM502 Manage payroll
BSBGOV401 Implement board member responsibilities
BSBHRM501 Manage human resource services
BSBHRM502 Manage human resource management information systems
BSBHRM505 Manage remuneration and employee benefits
BSBHRM506 Manage recruitment, selection and induction processes
BSBHRM507 Manage separation or termination
BSBHRM509 Manage rehabilitation or return to work programs
BSBHRM512 Develop and manage performance management processes
BSBLED502 Manage programs that promote personal effectiveness
BSBMGT502 Manage people performance
BSBMKG501 Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities
BSBMKG502 Establish and adjust the marketing mix
BSBMKG514 Implement and monitor marketing activities
BSBMKG521 Plan and implement sponsorship and event marketing
BSBRKG502 Manage and monitor business or records systems
BSBSUS501 Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability
BSBWOR501 Manage personal work priorities and professional development
BSBWRK510 Manage employee relations
CHCCDE002 Develop and implement community programs
CHCDIS005 Develop and provide person-centred service responses
CHCDIV003 Manage and promote diversity
CHCEDU001 Provide community focused health promotion and prevention strategies
CHCMGT001 Develop, implement and review quality framework
CHCMGT002 Manage partnership agreements with service providers
CHCMGT004 Secure and manage funding
CHCMGT005 Facilitate workplace debriefing and support processes
CHCPOL002 Develop and implement policy
CHCPRP003 Reflect on and improve own professional practice
CHCVOL004 Manage volunteer workforce development
CHCYTH009 Support youth programs
CHCYTH012 Manage service response to young people in crisis
FNSACC502 Prepare tax documentation for individuals
FNSACC504 Prepare financial reports for corporate entities
FNSACC505 Establish and maintain accounting information systems
FNSACC506 Implement and maintain internal control procedures
HLTAHW023 Plan, develop and evaluate health promotion and community development programs
HLTAID006 Provide advanced first aid
ICTICT308 Use advanced features of computer applications
ICTDBS409 Monitor and administer a database
PSPPROC414A Manage contracts
SIRXINV005A Control inventory
SIRXINV404 Manage retail merchandise
SIRXSLS406 Manage sales and service delivery
SIRXMER405 Manage store presentation and pricing
SISOODR506A Evaluate policy for an outdoor organisation
SISSSCO513 Plan and implement high performance training and recovery programs
SISSSDE503 Develop volunteer management policies
SISSSPA505A Coordinate team or group management
SISSSPA506A Coordinate team or group administration
SISXFAC003 Implement facility maintenance programs
SISXFAC004 Coordinate facility and equipment acquisition and maintenance
SISXFAC005 Manage stock supply and purchase
SISXHRM001 Recruit and manage volunteers
SISXICT001 Select and use technology for sport, fitness and recreation work
SISXIND005 Coordinate work teams or groups
SISXIND006 Conduct sport, fitness or recreation events
SISXRES001 Conduct sustainable work practices in open spaces
SITXEVT505 Manage on-site event operations
SITXEVT602 Develop event concepts
SITXEVT603 Determine event feasibility
SITXFIN601 Manage physical assets

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