Certificate III in Sport and Recreation

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply the skills and knowledge to work in the sport and recreation industry in areas such as maintaining grounds and playing surfaces, providing customer service, housekeeping and or administrative assistance. This qualification also provides for multi skilled roles which combine a range of activities required to support the operation of facilities such as fitness centres, outdoor sporting grounds or complexes, aquatic centres and community recreation centres. All job roles are performed under supervision with some degree of autonomy.

The specific packaging rules can be found at  Note: This qualification has been superseded by SIS30115  Certificate III in Sport and Recreation.


BSBCRT301A Develop and extend critical and creative thinking skills
BSBWOR301B Organise personal work priorities and development
HLTAID003 Provide first aid
ICAWEB201A Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement
SISXCAI303A Plan and conduct sport and recreation sessions
SISXCCS201A Provide customer service
SISXEMR201A Respond to emergency situations
SISXRSK301A Undertake risk analysis of activities
SISXWHS101 Follow work health and safety policies
SITXCOM401 Manage conflict


AHCCHM303A Prepare and apply chemicals
AHCCHM304A Transport, handle and store chemicals
AHCMOM202A Operate tractors
AHCMOM205A Operate vehicles
AHCMOM302A Perform machinery maintenance
AHCMOM304A Operate machinery and equipment
AHCMOM305A Operate specialised machinery and equipment
AHCPMG301A Control weeds
AHCPMG302A Control plant pests, diseases and disorders
AHCTRF301A Construct turf playing surfaces
AHCTRF304A Monitor turf health
AHCTRF305A Renovate sports turf
BSBADM307B Organise schedules
BSBADM311A Maintain business resources
BSBFIA301A Maintain financial records
BSBFIA302A Process payroll
BSBFIA303A Process accounts payable and receivable
BSBFIA304A Maintain a general ledger
BSBINM301A Organise workplace information
BSBWOR204A Use business technology
CHCDIS301C Work effectively with people with a disability
CHCDIS302A Maintain an environment to empower people with disabilities
HLTAID006 Provide advanced first aid
ICAICT203A Operate application software packages
SIRRRPK012A Recommend business and leisure products and services
SIRXINV002A Maintain and order stock
SIRXMER303 Coordinate merchandise presentation
SIRXSLS304 Coordinate sales performance
SISCCRD304A Work with key stakeholders
SISCCRO306A Organise participant travel
SISSSCO101 Develop and update knowledge of coaching practices
SISSSCO202 Coach beginner or novice participants to develop fundamental motor skills
SISSSDE201 Communicate effectively with others in a sport environment
SISSSPT303A Conduct basic warm-up and cool-down programs
SISXCAI304A Plan and conduct sport and recreation programs
SISXCAI306A Facilitate groups
SISXFAC208 Maintain sport, fitness and recreation facilities
SISXFAC303A Implement facility maintenance programs
SISXIND402 Analyse legal knowledge for organisation governance
SISXRES301A Provide public education on the use of resources
SISXRES402A Support implementation of environmental management practices
SITHFAB201 Provide responsible service of alcohol
SITHFAB301 Operate and monitor cellar systems
SITHFAB307 Provide table service of food and beverage
SITHGAM201 Provide responsible gambling services
SITHGAM301 Analyse and report on gaming machine data
SITXEVT302 Process and monitor event registrations
SITXEVT303 Coordinate on-site event registrations
SITXEVT304 Provide event staging support
SITXFSA101 Use hygienic practices for food safety
SITXHRM401 Roster staff

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