SIS20221 – Certificate II in Sport – Developing Athlete

Certificate II in Sport – Developing Athlete (Release 1)

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply the skills and knowledge to pursue a career as an athlete at a regional, state or territory level in a specific sport in the Australian sport industry. 

This qualification reflects the role of a developing athlete and provides a pathway to work as an athlete in a specific sport. Individuals with this qualification are involved in mainly routine and repetitive tasks using limited practical skills and basic sport industry knowledge. They work under the guidance of a coach.

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Core Units (5)

BSBWOR301Organise personal work priorities and development
FNSFLT201Develop and use a personal budgets
SIRXWHS001Work safely
SISSPAR003Follow specialist dietary advice
SISSPAR007Work as an athlete

Elective Units (4): 1 unit from Group A; at least 2 units from the electives listed in Group A or Group B; up to 1 elective unit which can be selected from elsewhere in the SIS Training Package, or from any other current Training Package or accredited course.

Group A: Sport-Specific Electives

SISSAFL001Participate in Australian football at an intermediate level
SISSCKT001Participate in cricket at an intermediate level
SISSGLF002Participate in golf at an intermediate level
SISSNTB002Participate in netball at an intermediate level
SISSPAR001Participate in sport at an intermediate level
SISSRGL002Participate in rugby league at an intermediate level
SISSTOU001Participate in touch at an intermediate level

Group B: General Electives

HLTAID011Provide first aid
ICTICT124Operate application software packages
SISSPAR004Book athlete travel and accommodation
SISSPAR009Participate in conditioning for sport
SISSSOF001Work as an official in sport
SISSSOF002Continuously improve officiating skills and knowledge
SISSSOF003Officiate sport competitions
SISXCAI001Provide equipment for activities
SISXFAC002Maintain sport, fitness and recreation facilities

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