Diploma of Sport Coaching (Release 2)

NOTE: This qualification is superseded.  The current qualification is SIS50319 Diploma of Sport.

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply the skills and knowledge to pursue a career as a coach at a high performance level. Likely functions for someone with this qualification include observing elite athletes to determine the level of instruction required, and planning, conducting and evaluating high performance individualised and team training programs. Those with this qualification would also supervise practice sessions and provide in competition assistance to athletes including supporting their psychological preparation and conducting post competition analysis of both performance and strategy. Outcomes would vary depending on the specialisation chosen.

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Core units

BSBADM502B Manage meetings (Superceded BSBADM502)
BSBINN502A Build and sustain an innovative work environment
SISSSCO304 Customise coaching for athletes with specific needs
SISSSCO305 Implement selection policies
SISSSCO410 Implement a talent identification program
SISSSCO512 Assist athletes to prevent and manage injury and illness
SISSSCO513 Plan and implement high performance training and recovery programs
SISXCAI305A Conduct individualised long-term training programs
SISXCCS403A Determine needs of client populations
SISXIND404A Promote compliance with laws and legal principles
SISXIND406A Manage projects
SISXIND408 Select and use technology for sport, fitness and recreation
SISXRSK502A Manage organisational risks
SITXFIN402 Manage finances within a budget
SITXHRM402 Lead and manage people

Electives units (8)

Group A – Equestrian
SISOEQO409A Train and condition horses
SISOEQO516A Manage the education of horses
SISSEQS301A Demonstrate basic dressage, show jumping and cross-country riding
SISSEQS405A Teach the intermediate skills of riding over fences
Group B – Golf
SISSGLF510 Fit and alter golf equipment
SISSGLF512 Manage the structure and facilitation of golf competitions and tournaments
SISSGLF517 Apply advanced skills, tactics and strategies of golf in high performance competition
SISSGLF518 Teach the advanced skills of golf
SISSGLF519 Teach the advanced tactics and strategies of golf
SISSGLF520 Design and implement strategies to increase junior participation in golf
SISSGLF521 Manage on course golf operations
Group C – Martial Arts
SISSMAR503A Teach the high performance skills of martial arts
Group D – Rugby League
SISSRGL511A Teach high performance Rugby League game skills
SISSRGL512A Teach high performance Rugby League tactics and game strategy
Group E – Swimming
SISSSWM303A Teach the advanced skills of competitive swimming
Group F – Tennis
SISSTNS205 Interpret and apply the rules and regulations of tennis
SISSTNS307 Coach red stage tennis players
SISSTNS308 Coach orange stage tennis players
SISSTNS309 Coach green stage tennis players
SISSTNS410 Coach stroke production for intermediate tennis players
SISSTNS411 Coach tactics for intermediate tennis players
SISSTNS512 Coach stroke production for high performance tennis players
SISSTNS513 Coach tactics for high performance tennis players
General electives units
BSBCMM401 Make a presentation
BSBITB501 Establish and maintain a workgroup computer network
FNSACC503 Manage budgets and forecasts
FNSACC504 Prepare financial reports for a corporate entities
ICITCT308 Use advanced features of computer applications
SISFFIT419A Apply exercise science principles to planning exercise
SISSSCO101 Develop and update knowledge of coaching practices
SISSSDE502 Design and implement strategies to increase participation
SISSSDE503 Develop volunteer management policies
SISSSOF101 Develop and update officiating knowledge
SISSSOF202 Officiate games or competitions
SISSSOF203 Judge competitive situations
SISSSOF305 Officiate in a high performance environment
SISSSOF306 Apply self-management to enhance high performance officiating
SISSSTC301A Instruct strength and conditioning techniques
SISSSTC402A Develop strength and conditioning programs
SISXFAC303A Implement facility maintenance programs
SISXFAC404A Coordinate facility and equipment acquisition and maintenance
SISXFAC506A Manage stock supply and purchase
SISXIND402 Analyse legal knowledge for organisation governance
SISXIND409 Organise a sport, fitness or recreation event
SISXIND410 Coordinate sport, fitness or recreation work teams or groups
SISXIND507A Manage education initiatives
SISXRES403A Use resources efficiently
SISXWHS503 Establish and maintain work health and safety systems
TAEDEL404A Mentor in the workplace

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