Certificate IV in Community Recreation

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in a range of activities and functions within the community recreation sector including working independently at a broad range of venues or environments such as leisure centres and pools, with a variety of different client groups. Individuals with this level of competency have the ability to plan, conduct and evaluate activities of others and to deal with unpredictable and non-routine situations and provide leadership and guidance to staff.

The specific packaging rules can be found at


BSBWOR404B Develop work priorities
HLTAID003 Provide first aid
ICAICT203A Operate application software packages
SIRXMGT001A Coordinate work teams
SISCCRD304A Work with key stakeholders
SISXCCS404A Address client needs
SISXEMR402A Coordinate emergency responses
SISXIND404A Promote compliance with laws and legal principles
SISXOHS402A Implement and monitor occupational health and safety policies
SISXRES402A Support implementation of environmental management practices
SISXRSK301A Undertake risk analysis of activities


SISCAQU201A Monitor pool water quality
SISCAQU202A Perform basic water rescues
SISCAQU303A Operate aquatic facility plant and equipment
SISCAQU304A Maintain pool water quality
SISCAQU305A Implement aquatic facility plant and equipment maintenance program
SISCAQU308A Instruct water familiarisation, buoyancy and mobility skills
SISCAQU309A Instruct clients in water safety and survival skills
SISCAQU310A Instruct swimming strokes
SISCAQU311A Foster the development of infants and toddlers in an aquatic environment
SISCAQU312A Assist participants with a disability during aquatic activities
SISCAQU318 Perform advanced water rescues
SISCAQU414A Develop pool water maintenance procedures
SISCAQU415A Develop aquatic facility maintenance procedures
SISCAQU416A Coordinate lifeguard service at an aquatic facility
SISCAQU417A Operate self-contained breathing apparatus in an aquatic facility
SISCCRD301A Facilitate community development through recreational activities
SISCCRD302A Recruit and manage volunteers
SISCCRD303A Facilitate inclusion for people with a disability
SISCCRO302A Apply legal and ethical instructional skills (CONTACT US)
SISCCRO304A Plan and conduct disability recreation programs
SISXCAI304A Plan and conduct sport and recreation programs
SISXCCS402A Coordinate client service activities
SISXCCS403A Determine needs of client populations
SISXFAC404A Coordinate facility and equipment acquisition and maintenance
SISXIND403A Analyse participation patterns
SISXIND405A Conduct projects
SISXIND406A Manage projects
SISFFIT311A Deliver approved community fitness programs
SISSSDE503 Develop volunteer management policies
BSBHRM401A Review human resources functions
BSBHRM402A Recruit, select and induct staff
BSBHRM501B Manage human resources services
BSBSMB407A Manage a small team
HLTAID006 Provide advanced first aid
PSPROC414A Manage contracts
PUAEME003C Administer oxygen in an emergency situation

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