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Dr Dion Klein

Sport & Recreation Resources is part of Training and Assessment Materials Australia stems from an idea I had in the mid-1990s when I started a job at the University of Canberra. It was my first official academic job with a PhD which was also fast-tracked with having my first job being an international position.  The challenge then was I had no material to draw upon – and this was pre-surge of the Internet.  There was still information out there but not very much and I had spent hours upon hours prepping for class.  I remember how difficult it was trying to find information on Australian Industrial Relations in Sport which was not an area of my expertise at the best of times.

Despite being allowed to pitch my business idea in the late 1990s to the University about selling Faculty created material to other educators around the world using the Internet, it fell upon deaf ears (with the exception of a few who thought it was a good idea and wished me luck).  The idea (including an overall education portal called ‘ProfessorMoe’) landed me ACT runner-up in the Yellow Pages Business Ideas Award in 2001.  Unfortunately back then I was probably more of an academic than an entrepreneur and shelved the idea and continued to teach part-time and promote my corporate health business.  It just seemed it was a bit too ahead of its time despite pivoting and pitching a similar concept to the Conference industry (which there I did raise $10,000 without even having a product). The dot.com crash had also occurred which didn’t help matters in raising the money required to really launch the idea/business.

Ten years later I decided to give it another go just for the fitness materials that were already developed for my RTO.  I did it more as an experiment to see if they would sell and they did.  I saw there were other businesses out there doing what I had envisioned in the late 1990s and I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

All the materials I have written, sourced, or compiled.  There are currently no outsourced writers though that will soon be changing as we are getting enquiries from people around the globe searching for training and assessment materials that they cannot find and are not my areas of expertise.

Hope you enjoyed this little background story of how it all began.  Have a look at the sport, fitness and recreation materials and let me know what you would like to purchase or if there are any other materials you would like to have sourced or written.

Dr Dion Klein

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